BluOS Adds Amazon Music Availability for Canada, India, Australia, and Other Countries

BluOS app with Amazon music in an IPhone

BluOS customers in another six countries can now stream and enjoy millions of songs, wirelessly throughout the home, with Amazon Music. 

PICKERING, CANADA, APRIL 16, 2020 – Lenbrook International, developer of the BluOS hi-res wireless premium distributed audio and music management platform, is pleased to announce the integration of Amazon Music for additional countries on all BluOS Enabled devices from Bluesound, NAD Electronics, Monitor Audio, and DALI Speakers. In addition to countries currently served, BluOS customers in Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil can now have access to Amazon Music, while India now has access to Amazon Prime Music.

BluOS users in the expanded countries can enjoy streaming millions of songs from the streaming service, and build and create their own playlists in the BluOS Controller app, available for smartphones, tablets, and desktops. For Amazon Prime members in applicable territories, two million songs are included in their subscription, with the ability to upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited, with access to more than 60 million songs including the latest releases from today’s popular artists.

About BluOS
BluOS is a premium multi-room audio ecosystem that manages stored and cloud music sources and playback, with support for high-resolution audio streams up to 24/192. Adopted by some of the most renowned hi-fi audio brands and integrated with numerous smart home control systems, BluOS allows for interoperability among enabled devices across brands for maximum versatility and use cases. Integrations support for FLAC, WAV, MQA, and other high-resolution formats and codecs, BluOS offers virtually unlimited access to music of all genres for any occasion. Made up of an operating system and a control application for smartphones, tablets, and PC desktops, BluOS is the ultimate choice for the modern audiophile. For more information visit

About Lenbrook International
Lenbrook International, a subsidiary of the Lenbrook Group of Companies, is the owner and manufacturer of award-winning brands for home audio and residential install applications. Its full suite of products from NAD Electronics, PSB Speakers, and Bluesound wireless multi-room players, is distributed in over 80 countries, while its BluOS hi-res distributed audio platform continues to be adopted by some of the world’s leading premium audio brands.

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About Lenbrook

Lenbrook Group of Companies was founded in 1978. Today, Lenbrook International owns and manufactures NAD Electronics, PSB Speakers, and Bluesound, while also distributing other electronics brands in USA and Canada. Each brand is positioned to complement one another and meet the discerning needs of individuals who demand the highest level of sound reproduction.

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